Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Dalam perjalanan ke Imam Reza.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank you to staff at SK Pelindung

How can I express how I felt? When I saw the teachers at SK Pelindung helped the children to step out of the car without getting wet? As usual, during the monsoon season, everybody get wet. With or without umbrella. So, when the school let the parents drove through the main entrance, dropped the children at the cafeteria with teachers waiting with umbrellas, and exit at the rear on the second day of unimaginable amount of rain(our neighbouring village had flood the previous week), I was so so relieved and happy. That was a proactive action. Student-friendly management! I have been thinking of sending a card to the school. I am hoping that they will have their own website soon. That would be easier for parents to congratulate the wonderful gesture by the management and staff (for computer-loving souls). Yes, CEMERLANG BERWAWASAN indeed! It is a simple deed and yet it means a lot. The staff care. There is compassion. There is love for the children. Teachers who love children teach from their heart. Thank you to all teachers and staff. May Allah reward you in this life and the next.